Charlotte, NC


Cocktail Cakery


There are no secrets between friends...

Who ARE we?

Gigi B was born and raised in NC in the land of ASU and moonshine stills. Mr. B was born and raised in MA in the land of MIT and the Boston Tea Party. It was love at first sight!  It should come as no surprise that there is a bit of a rebellious nature in this pair of boundary pushers and adventurers. While traveling through St Louis, MO in 2015, they happened upon a local BBQ joint. When Gigi B was asked for ID after ordering a milkshake, she began a mission to see what other desserts could be made with booze. Together, they embarked on a fantastic adventure of developing “boozy” dessert recipes that have been tested on friends, family, and willing victims. Thus are the humble beginnings of Cocktail Cakery - where we are always thinking up something new to feed your inner child like a grownup!

Bedfellows (aka Business Buddies)

The City Kitch - Where WE cook!   

Leena's Eats Catering - Love at first bite!

Kenly Brice, Fabulous Logo Designer!

George Gibbs, Awesome Attorney


Where is your store?  We don't have an actual store, yet. We have a commercial kitchen that is not open to the public. In the meantime, you can order online on our Shop page, call or email your order to us!

What is your delivery area? Free delivery is available in the University area (limited), Matthews and Mint Hill. Delivery to all other areas will be charged by the mile (as shown in Google Maps).

Can I pick up my order? Absolutely!  We are at 9545 Pinnacle Dr, Charlotte.  Just call or text us once you've parked; tell us what kind and color of vehicle you are in; and we will bring it out to you!

What is your minimum order? Every item is sold by the dozen.

What payment methods do you accept? Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Unicorns...

Available Mixed Boxes

Check here often for available mixed boxes, first come, first served.